Product descriptions

Alkaline water sulfate-chloride of a soda-lime type, which is collected from a depth of 90 meters. The taste of Soluky mineral water is slightly salty, due to a high mineral content (3.0 to 5.0 g / l). The unique compound of salts and minerals helps in treating chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Thanks to its unique composition, Soluky natural mineral water is beneficial for supplementing minerals after physical exercise and sports performance.

It regulates the metabolism after excessive alcohol use.

Alkaline mineral drinking water obtained from a depth of 38.5 m. Soluky Plus is ideal for everyday use. It superbly quenches thirst and refreshes the body.

Soluky Plus water is also suitable for children, due to its naturally high content of calcium and other minerals that do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The calcium ensures healthy bone growth and normalizes carbonates and proteins in the metabolism.


Antionts Kationts
HCO3 - 200 - 600 mg/l Ca²+ - 100 - 400 mg/l
SO4² - 800 - 1400 mg/l Mg²+ < 150 mg/l
CI- - 600 - 1200 mg/l (Na + K)+ 700 - 1000 mg/l
Antionts Kationts
HCO3 - 150 - 320 mg/l Ca²+ - 50 - 120 mg/l
SO4² < 50 mg/l Mg²+ < 25 mg/l
CI- < 50 mg/l (Na + K)+ < 25 mg/l

Soluky, from the heart of nature directly to you